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Spark: The Investing Series

Watch your money GROW while learning all the ins and outs to INVESTING!

What to expect in the Spark investing series for beginners:


You will get your investment portfolio set up and be taught strategies to ensure you have a growing portfolio ASAP. 

We will make sure you understand what it means to have assets that are growing at a rate faster than any savings account can give you. We will equip you with the initial knowledge needed to stop SAVING and start INVESTING. Why earn 0.09 positive interest per year in a savings account when you can earn 10% positive interest or more monthly in a Brokerage Account?


You will learn relevant terminology needed to discuss and understand investments in an educated manner.

We will focus on equipping you with terms only relevant to your investment portfolio's success. As with anything new it seems there is a new language to it. We will drastically shorten the learning curve by introducing you to terms that is important to your success. As you grow, this understanding will make it easier to pick up on material in other courses.


We dive straight in to teaching the relevant strategies needed to get you started investing in the stock market ASAP.

We will primarily be focused on teaching strategies that will equip you to really understand how investing works, do's and don'ts, as well as how to maintain a safe investing portfolio that is consistently growing. We will also cover strategies to take when selecting your stocks to invest in.

Topics that will be covered in the Spark Course?

Setting up your FREE Brokeage Account

Selecting your stocks

Diversifying your portfolio

Short Term Stock Investing

Swing Trading

Long Term Stock Investing

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Course Instructor

Hello, My name is Aaron Ball. I started InvestoPlug as a creative way for me to teach other motivated individuals knowledge that I have obtained over the years of studying and investing. Spark is a course within InvestoPlug. My biggest aspirations are to inspire others and make a positive impact on people's life while doing things I love to do. Investing and finances happens to be something I love doing. The stock market comes off as being a foreign language to the average person, I am here to change that perception and simplify the process of understanding investing drastically.